Social Europe: a progressive utopia or a bitter necessity?

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This page features a recording of the deBuren / Poliargus TTT debate, Social Europe: a progressive utopia or a bitter necessity?. This debate, looked at arguments for a more comprehensive common European social system and the benefits and/or necessity of such and featured  Siman Abdi (International Secretary of The Young Socialists in the – Dutch – PvdA), Anton Hemerijck (Professor of Institutional Policy Analysis at Amsterdam’s Vrije Universität), Frank Vandenbroucke (Flemish Academic and former Politician of the Socialistische Partij Anders) and Tom Vrijens (President of the Youth Committee of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC)). 

Although the debate has now finished, this page will continue to feature the full Dutch/Flemish recording of the evening and English-language highlights will soon be prepared and uploaded on the debate’s event page. The event page also features background information to the discussion and links to related articles for those interested in finding out more about the topic. Click here to access the debate’s event page.