Phil Mullan

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Phil MullanPhil Mullan is an economist and businessman. He has written about the economics of ageing (The Imaginary Time Bomb: Why an Ageing Population is not a Social Problem, IB Tauris, 2000) and lectures on economics and business affairs. He is presently writing a book entitled The Limits of Muddling Along: Why Trying to Save the Economy is Destroying our Future

He has been the director of business transformation at the Easynet Group plc since early 2011, having worked in other positions at the same company, including as UK managing director, since 2006.

Phil has a business background in publishing and from 1996 to 2002 was the chief executive of Cyberia, the internet services and training company, which opened the world’s first internet cafe in London in 1994. He was also a non-executive director of Easynet from 1996 to January 2006, joining the board just before Easynet went public.

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