Ognyan Minchev

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Ognyan Minchev is the executive director of the Institute for Regional and International Studies, an independent think tank, which provides policy analyses on regional and international security and cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe.

Minchev is also chairmen of the board of the anti-corruption organisation, Transparency International Bulgaria and a professor of political science at the University of Sofia, Bulgaria.

Previously, he has been a Fulbright fellow (1991-92) with the Department of International Relations at the UCLA and a visiting fellow (1999) at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (D.C.).

Minchev has lectured at many U.S. and European universities and is the author of numerous publications on the post-Communist transition of Central and Eastern European countries and issues of international security and cooperation. His main areas of interest are democratisation and comparative transitions to democracy in the post-communist world, with his work touching on development strategies, modernisation and the reform of public institutions, political consciousness and culture in a globalised context, Euroatlantic and European integration, transatlantic relations, corruption and organised and crime regional security and development in the Western Balkans, Central and Eastern Europe, the Western Balkans and the Black Sea region.

Information valid as of autumn 2017.