Neil Davenport

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Neil Davenport is a former music journalist whose writing has been published in City Life, Manchester Evening News, Jockey Slut, Metro, Select, 7, Sleaze Nation, Q, Uncut and London Lite. He now writes regularly for the current affairs journal, spiked, on such issues as multiculturalism, education, drugs, licensing laws, anti-materialist sceptics and the white working class. In September 2007, he contributed a chapter called ‘The Rise and Rise of Credentialism’ to The Lecturer’s Guide to Further Education by Hayes, Turner and Marshall (Open University Press), while, in October 2008, he contributed the chapter ‘Minorities, Multiculturalism and the Metropolitan Experience’ to The Future of Community by Clements, Donald, Earnshaw and Williams (Pluto Press). He is currently the head of sociology at the JFS Sixth Form Centre in Harrow, Middlesex, and teaches government and politics and sociology.

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