Miquel Berga

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Miquel Berga studied English Philology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where he gained his PhD.. His main areas of research are English writers and the Spanish Civil War and the teaching of the English language through literature. Previously, he was a dean of the Pompeu Fabra University’s Faculty of Humanities and he is known for his work on George Orwell and other English writers who fought in the Spanish Civil War. He has written a Sunday column for the daily El Punt since 1992 and is the chief editor of Catalonia Today. He has also published several books, such as Entre la ploma i el fusell [Between the rifle and the pen] (Curial Edicions Catalanes S.A., 1981), No fer res i altres ocupacions [Idleness and other occupations] (CCG Edicions, 2007) and the fairytale La bruixa de Cadaqués [The witch of Cadaqués] (Cruïlla, 2013). He has also taken part in several debates organised by the CCCB, including Visions de guerra [Visions of war] (2008) and Passats presents [Present pasts] (2006), and collaborates regularly with international media outlets, such as the BBC, la CBC (Canada) y L´Avenç (Catalonia).

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