Michael Hauser

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Michael Hauser, Ph.D, studied philosophy at Charles University, Prague and has, since 2002, lectured at the same university. Michael also works for the Czech Republic’s Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Philosopy.

Outside of official academia, Michael is involved in the publication of Filosofického [Philosophy] and Salon and is the founder and chairman of Socialistický kruh [Socialist Circle – SOK]. In 2006, he helped to initiate a programme to drive democratic reform, Jsme občané! [We are citizens!], and is now working on a project, GA AV, focusing on post-modern subjectivity. 

Michael has also published several books, including both his own writings and translations of international authors. Three of Michael’s most recent publications are Adorno: moderna a negativita [Adorno: Modernity and Negativity](Prague 2005), Sociální stát a kapitalismus [The Welfare State and Capitalism](Prague 2007) and Prolegomena k filosofii současnosti [From Prolegomena to Present Philosophical Discourse](Prague 2007).

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