Martin C. Putna

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putna-1Martin C. Putna is a Czech literary historian. A graduate of Russian language and literature from Prague’s Charles University, he is now a professor at his alma mater. He lives in Prague and has published numerous books, including the acclaimed biography, Václav Havel. Duchovní portrét v rámu české kultury 20. století [Václav Havel. A Pyschological Portrait within the Framework of the Czech Culture of the 20th Century] (2011). In 2013, Czech President Miloš Zeman initially refused to confirm his professorship in social and cultural anthropology, but, following a wave of protests, he was eventually inducted into the position. His most recent publication is Obrazy z kulturních dějin ruské religiosity [Snapshots of the Cultural History of Russian Religiosity] (2015).

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