Marek Beylin

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Marek Beylin is a Polish journalist and writer, who works for Gazeta Wyborcza. He studied art history at the University of Warsaw and in the 70s and 80s he was active in the democratic opposition. During this period he worked as an editor of the Krytyka quarterly and together with the underground weekly, Tygodnik Mazowsze. Upon the imposition of martial law, he was briefly interned, from 13th December 1981 to 26th October 1982, and, since the early 90s, he has worked for Gazeta Wyborcza, where he writes about politics, social problems, democracy and culture. He is also active as an essayist and an author and has recently published a text entitled Przygody Polaków z demokracją [Polish adventures with democracy] and Spokojnie, to tylko rewolucja [Don’t worry, it’s only a revolution].

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