Łukasz Pawłowski

Lukasz PawlowskiŁukasz Pawłowski is a political columnist and the secretary of Kultura Liberalna‘s editorial team. With a PhD in sociology and a previous degree in pyschology, Łukasz conducts interviews on, and writes columns about, Polish and American political life.

As the deputy-head of Kultura Liberalna‘s political department, he has interviewed many influential authors – including Aleksander Smolar, Paweł Śpiewak, Anne Applebaum and Saskia Sassen – on a broad range of political issues. In 2014, his conversation with Michael Sandel, entitled Waking from the American Dream, led to Łukasz winning the National Bank of Poland’s prize for the year’s best economic interview.

Outside of his work for Kultura Liberalna, Łukasz is also a PhD student at the University of Warsaw’s Institute of Sociology.

Information valid as of spring 2015.