Lennart Booij

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Lennart Booij is active in Dutch politics and culture. Currently, he sits on the Raad voor Cultuur, which is an advisory arts council of the Dutch government with funding supervisory responsibilities. While at university, he got involved with the PvdA (the Dutch Labour Party) and, together with Erik van Bruggen, he led the party’s Niet Nix programme for political renewal in 1996. In 1999, he and Erik van Bruggen also made a joint-presidency bid within the PvdA, ultimately losing out to Marijke van Hees.

As a media personality, Lennart has presented programmes such as Krachtstroom, Advocaat van de duivel and Het Nieuwe Lagerhuis. He gained his doctorate in art history, for a dissertation about the artist René Lalique in 2013. And, in 2016, he worked as a curator of applied art on Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum’s Dream Out Loud, Designing for Tomorrow’s Demands exhibition, before becoming a member of Raad voor Cultuur at the end of that same year.

Information valid as of summer 2017.