Laura Silvia Battaglia

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Laura Silvia Battaglia is a freelance journalist who spreads her time between Italy and Sanaa (Yemen).

From Sanaa, she contributes to agencies and publications in Turkey, Switzerland, the US and the UK. While, in Italy, her work is published in a particularly broad range of print and audio-visual mediums, from Radio Tre Mondo through D Repubblica delle Donne to the online daily Il Fatto Quotidiano.

She began her journalistic career at the daily La Sicilia in Catania in 1998 and has focused on reporting from conflict zones since 2007, with tours on the Syrian border and in countries including Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Iraq, Iran and Yemen.

She has produced six video documentaries, the first of which, Maria Grazia Cutuli. Il prezzo della verità, won the 2010 Premio Giancarlo Siani. On top of this, she has also won the Journalist for the Mediterranean Sea and the Colomba d’oro per la pace 2015 awards. And, she has worked as a visiting lecturer on the master’s course in journalism at the Cattolica University in Milan since 2007 and at the Vesalius College in Brussels (exectutive courses in global risk analysis and crisis managment) since 2016.

In addition to her shorter publications, Laura has also written the e-book Lettere da Guantanamo (Il Reportage, December 2016) and (along with Paola Cannatella) is the co-author of the graphic novel La sposa yemenita (Becco Giallo, January 2017).

You can follow Laura on Twitter via @battgirl74.

Information valid as of early 2017.