Jiřina Šiklová

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SiklovaJiřina Šiklová is a Czech sociologist and writer, author of many research articles and books. Following the Soviet military intervention in Czechoslovakia in 1968, she was banned from publishing and university teaching and had to make a living as a cleaner and social worker at a Prague hospital. Her interest in gerontology, the main focus of her present-day work, dates back to her time at this hospital. In 1981, she was convicted of subversive activities and sentenced to 18 months imprisonment for her involvement with the dissident movement. After the fall of communism, she was once more employed at the Charles University in Prague and helped to set up the Department of Social Work and the Centre for Gender Studies. Her books include Deník staré paní [The Diary of an Old Lady] (2003), Dopisy vnučce [Letters to one’s Granddaughter] (2007) and Matky po e-mailu [Mothers by E-Mail] (2009).

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