Ivan Gabal

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Dr. Ivan Gabal is a Czech sociologist, has been a board member of Masarysk University and is one of the founders of Občanské fórum [Civic Forum].

In his youth he studied sociology at the Charles University of Prague, before then proceeding to work for the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the ČSAV [Československá akademie věd] During the Velvet Revolution, he became one of the founders of Civic Forum and later became a board member, leading their electoral campaign of 1990. In the years 1991-1992, he then worked as head of policy in the Office of the President and in 1992, he was head of the Občanské hnutí [Citizen’s Movement]’s electoral campaign.

Ivan is the executive director of Gabal Analysis Consulting and since 2013 he has been an MP for the KDU-ČSL [The Christian Democratic People’s Party]. He has also been involved in several publications, such as: Etnické menšiny ve střední Evropě: konflikt nebo integrace [Ethnic Minorities in Central Europe: Conflict or Integration], The Impact of NATO Membership in the Czech Republic: Changing Czech Views on Security, Military & Defence, Hrách na zeď [Against a Brick Wall] and Klíč k posílení integrační politiky obcí: sociální vyloučení Romů a česká společnost [The Key to Strengthening Integration Policy Communities: the Social Exclusion of the Roma in Czech society].

Information valid as of winter 2014.