Georgios Varouxakis

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Professor Georgios Varouxakis is a professor of the history of political thought at Queen Mary’s College, University of London [QMUL], where he is also a co-director of the Centre for the Study of the History of Political Thought and a programme director of the intercollegiate MA in the History of Political Thought and Intellectual History.

Before joining the QMUL, Georgios grew up in Crete, studied history in Athens and then acquired both an MA in legal and political theory and a PhD in history at University College London. Up until now, his research interests have focused on British and French political thought of the nineteenth century. A particular emphasis has been on John Stuart Mill and other key thinkers of the period, while Georgios has also worked on nationalism and cosmopolitanism, empire, on the intellectual history of ideas of ‘Europe’ and ‘the West’ and on attitudes towards the EEC/EU.

Information valid as of autumn 2015.