Georgios Mavrakis

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Georgios Mavrakis is a Greek political activist, who engages himself for SYRIZA. In his younger years, he was a member of KHE [Greek Communist Youth], before joining Συνασπισμός της Αριστεράς και της Προόδου [The Coalition of the Left and Progress (abbreviated to SYN)]. In 2004, SYN then became the largest party of newly formed Coalition of the Radical Left, better known as SYRIZA. He lives and works as a translator in Bulgaria and he describes himself as someone who is equally familiar with life under capitalism in Greece and life as it was under the so-called “real socialism” which existed in Bulgaria until 1989. He is an active political blogger and an advocate of citizen participation in the decision making process. Giorgios is also part of an initiative for a club of the local ethnic communities in the town of Stara Zagora and the anchor of a political talk show on local television.

Information valid as of autumn 2015.