Festiwał Kuronia Programme 2015

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Event programme:

(all events will take place at 16 Foksal St, Warsaw unless a separate address is explicitly mentioned, times are in CET, which is an hour ahead of GMT and an hour behind EET)

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(the biographies are currently being updated and more information will continue to appear)


19:00 Friday 22nd May

(DEBATE/ Interpretation: PL-EN)

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Is there any space for solidarity within a capitalist system?

Prof. Richard Sennet, The London School of Economics and Columbia University

Prof. Saskia Sassen, Columbia University

Moderation: Sławomir Sierakowski, Krytyka Polityczna


19:00 Monday 25th May

(DEBATE/Interpretation: DE-PL)

Different, equal, in solidarity

Prof. Thomas Meyer, The Friedrich Ebert Foundation and editor-in-chief of the Neue Gesellschaft Frankfurter Hefte

Robert Biedroń, president of the city of Słupsk

Barbara Nowacka, politician, member of the Twój Ruch [Your Movement] party

Joanna Wowrzeczka, Krytyka Polityczna Cieszyn

Moderation: Agnieszka Wiśniewska, Krytyka Polityczna


19:00 Thursday 28th May


No decisions about us without us

A discussion about student protests in Warsaw and the concept of the engaged university.

Guests: representatives of diverse student movements and Dr Maciej Gdula, Warsaw University

Moderation: Mikołaj Syska, Krytyka Polityczna


16:00 Friday 29th May


MaMa Cafe, 27b Wilcza St

Trust – workshops for children

Trust and cooperation are important in many spheres of life: in families, in schools, at work and in public. And, it’s not just humans are able to work in teams; bees, ants, fish and elephants – all these animals work together. Following the Krytyka Polityczna publications Trust. A Children’s Guide and Cooperation. A Chlldren’s Guide, Anna and Agnieszka examine why, in the long run, solidarity and communal cooperation are better strategies than reclusiveness and societal isolation.

Moderation: Anna Cieplak and Agnieszka Muras


18:00 Friday 29th May

(DEBATE/Language: PL)

Komandosi, KOR, Solidarność – from smaller organisations through to social movements

Prof. Karol Modzelewski

Moderation: Agata Szczęśniak, Krytyka Polityczna


11:00 Sunday 31st May


This walk will start at the Wilson Square entrance to Stefan Żeromski Park

Walk – Following in the footsteps of Jacek Kuroń’s ideas

Krytyka Polityczna invite the inhabitants of Warsaw to join a walk around the sites connected with Jacek Kuroń and of importance to opposition activities and socially engaged movements during the transition. This walk is designed to outline Kuroń’s biography, his figure and social background, his visions and socio-political postulates.


19:00 Monday 1st June


Reflections on Violence

A discussion based upon Georges Sorel’s book Reflections on Violence, with a particular focus on the chapters about class, struggle and violence and the decline of the bourgeoisie and violence.

Guests: Prof. Andrzej Leder and Sławomir Sierakowski


19:00 Tuesday 2nd June

(DEBATE/Interpretation: PL-EN-DE)

Precariat of the world…

Prof. Guy Standing, The University of London (related article)

Prof. Klaus Dörre, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

Moderation: Dr Dorota Szelewa


18:00 Wednesday 3rd June

(DEBATE/Interpretation: EN-PL)

Finance and banking in the 21st century – an introduction

Prof. Ha Joon Chang, Cambridge University

Prof. Marek Belka, head of the Polish National Bank

Moderation: Prof. Jerzy Osiatyński, member of the Monetary Policy Council and The Institute for Advanced Study


19:00 Monday 8th June

(DEBATE/Language: PL)

On the barricades in Lemminggrad – middle class solidarity?

Prof. Andrzej Leder, The Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute for Advanced Study

Dr Przemysław Sadura, Warsaw University

Moderation: Dr Agnieszka Graff, Krytyka Polityczna, Institute for Advanced Study


19:00 Tuesday 9th June

(DEBATE/Interpretation: EN-PL)

In the absence of solidarity: Ukraine, Russia and the West

Prof. Timothy Snyder, Yale University

Masha Gessen, journalist, publicist and author

Moderation: Sławomir Sierakowski, Krytyka Polityczna


19:00 Wednesday 10th June


Screening of Independence without Censorship, dir. Agnieszka Arnold


19:00 Thursday 11th June


Phenomenology of the Maidan

Guest: Prof. Marci Shore

Moderation: Michał Sutowski


21:00 Thursday 11th June


The Palace of Culture, Defilad Square

Screening of Ursus znaczy niedźwiedź [Bear Means Hope], dir. Jaśmina Wójcik

The film’s director Jaśmina Wójcik will be present to talk about her film.



From the 22nd May to the 30th June


Artists: Marta Frej and Joanna Wowrzeczka

In their work, Marta Frej and Joanna Wowrzeczka explore the issue of deeply rooted social inequality. Against a background of culture, economics and ethics, they show violence and defencelessness as both the results and the origins of inequality. The artists concentrate on individual and personal experiences and appeal both to the empathy of the audience, but also to the emotions evoked by humour and irony. 


Event locations

Krytyka Polityczna, 16 Foksal St, Warsaw

The Palace of Culture, Defilad Square, Warsaw

Wilson Square, Warsaw

MaMa, 27b Wilcza St, Warsaw