Ewa Majewska

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Ewa Majewska is a feminist cultural philosopher, who currently lectures in gender studies at the University of Warsaw and is researching Europe’s “semi-peripheral publics” at Berlin’s ICI [Institute for Cultural Enquiry]. Ewa originally studied philosophy, French literature and gender studies at the University of Warsaw and completed her doctorate in philosophical conceptions of the family in 2007. Since then, Ewa has carried out research in the USA, Sweden and Austria, but has also retained her connection with Poland and has now taught at the University of Warsaw since 2003. She has had two books published (Feminizm jako filozofia społeczna [Feminism as a Social Philosophy] and Sztuka jako pozór? Cenzura i inne formy upolitycznienia kultury [Art as Impression? Censorship and Other Forms of the Politicisation of Culture]) and her articles have featured in a number of journals, including Signs. Journal of Women in Culture and Society, Nowa Krytyka, Przegląd Filozoficzno-Literacki, Przegląd Kulturoznawczy, Kultura Popularna and Le Monde Diplomatique (Polish edition).

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