Evren Balta

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Evren Balta is a political scientist & conflict researcher.

Specialising in international politics, transnationalism, citizenship studies, territorial politics, security studies & civil war, Evren Balta holds academic qualifications in sociology, international relations and political science from universities in Ankara and New York and, in 2007, she received her PhD from New York’s City University for a dissertation on State Capacity, State Failure and Internal War-making in Russia and Turkey.

She has also written and edited a number of publications on international politics, security and conflict issues for academic journals, publishers and outlets such as Birikim Online & openDemocracy (some of which can be accessed via links on page five of her C.V.).

Currently working in the Yıldız Technical University’s Department of Political Science and International Relations in Istanbul, where she teaches courses on comparative politics, comparative government, war and conflict in international relations and territorial politics, Evren also holds positions at the Centre for Global Studies and Class Strategies and at the Centre for Balkan and Black Sea Studies (both also in Istanbul).

Information valid as of autumn 2016