Do we need economic growth?

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This page contained a live stream of the Freiblickinstitut debate, Do we need economic growth?, which asked whether we are looking at an outdated economic model or whether we are being overly hasty in looking to turn away from an approach which has served us well in the past. This discussion has now finished, but a full audio recording of the evening can be found on this page and video highlights will be made available on the debate’s event page in the near future.

Daniel Ben-Ami (Journalist and Author of Ferraris for All), Ralf Fücks (Chairman of Heinrich Böll Foundation), Hendrik Hagedorn (Economist, BiTS University), Georgi Medarov (Sociologist and Member of New Left Perspectives) and Niklos Sotirakopoulos (Sociologist, Kent University) speak in this debate and you can find out more about these speakers and the background to the debate on our event page.