Dirk Barrez

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Dirk Barrez is a writer, documentary film maker and journalist, currently working for the Flemish online news portal De Wereld Morgen. Dirk Barrez has produced around 50 documentaries and is the author of many books, the latest of which was Van Verontwaardiging naar Verandering [From outrage to change] (2011), a title which built upon his previous trilogy containing Ik wil niet sterven aan de XXste eeuw: over leven in de XXIste eeuw [I don’t want to die in the 20th century: surviving in the 21st century] (1999), De antwoorden van het antiglobalisme: Van Seattle tot Porto Alegre [Anti-globalist responses: from Seattle to Porto Allegro] (2001) and Van eiland tot wereld: Appèl voor een menselijke samenleving [From an island to the world: a call for civilised cohabitation] (2008).

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