Democratising the media, saving Europe from populism

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At 18:30 CET on the 27th February 2017, CCCB will host a discussion on the role of media in democracies and ways to resolve the field’s current crises.

This event will take place in English, is free to attend and will form part of the Old Europe, New Utopias series of discussions, which you can find out more about below.

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Image courtesy of Julia Cagé

About the discussion:

The media is experiencing unprecedented crises, both in terms of its credibility and in relation to its economic model. These crises have direct and severe consequences for the quality of democratic life. What is the relationship between these media crises and the rise of populism and the far right and what are the alternatives?

The model proposed by the young French economist Julia Cagé considers information to be, like health care and education, a public good to which we must have access if we are to be able to debate the issues that determine our collective fates.

If society expects the media to provide quality, independent information, isn’t it dangerous to allow our main sources of such to be controlled by market forces? Is a network of independent and reliable media sources which are not governed by monetary power possible? Is this aspiration an achievable utopia?


Julia Cagé is an assistant professor of economics at Sciences Po in Paris and a research affiliate at the Centre for Economic and Policy Research in Washington D.C.

Esther Vera is the director of the ARA newspaper


A full-length video of the evening will be uploaded to this page post-event. To find out about the availability of the recording of this and other Time to Talk debates, you can follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook, where we keep our followers up-to-date on all new material.


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