Sakharov Centre, Moscow

The Sakharov Centre, Moscow
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The Sakharov Centre aims to sustain and develop the legacy of the academic Andrei Sakharov. They promote values of freedom, democracy and human rights, support a robust, comprehensive and free discussion of relevant historical issues, human rights, and humanitarian problems and look to aid the creation of civil society in Russia.
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What does the future hold for us and for Russia?
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And what about the future of Russia? Will public dissatisfaction with widespread corruption and the fallibility of key institutes suffice to bring about change or are reactionary mentalities so ingrained and distrust of modernity so prevalent that the near future will continue to mirror much of the country's recent past? The Sakharov Centre takes a closer look at the political dynamics determining sentiment in Russia today. Watch the video highlights!
A time of hope or chaos? An historical evaluation of the events and reforms of the nineties.
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How do you remember the 90s? In Russia it was a time of turmoil, a time of opportunties and uncertainty. The Sakharov Centre looks back at the decade, which formed the post-communist state and analyse its considerable legacy. Watch the video highlights!
Is Stalin still with us, why are we still talking about Stalin and Stalinism today?
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The Sakharov Centre investigates the validity of continuing to discuss Stalin and the crimes of the past in present day Russia, asking whether doing so improves awareness and thus the contemporary situation or merely draws attention to bad examples from a past, which people should be allowed to forget?
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