Memorial, Moscow

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Memorial is many things: a pressure group, a centre of research, a museum, a library, an archive and an international movement. Above all, Memorial is, however, the living memory of past wrongs; a lasting witness to repression, dictatorship and lives lived under constant pressure, both within and without the close confines of the gulags.
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Memory and countermemory for the future
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Memorial host Marianne Hirsch for a discussion of the ways that institutions and individuals approach memory, looking at contemporary and historical practice and asking what changes in the approaches adopted could mean for society going forwards.
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Visions of women’s liberation, 1917-1936
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With laws on domestic violence topping the Duma's to do list, Memorial host Wendy Goldman to look back at the history of women's liberation in 20th century Russia. How did early Soviet reformers envisage womanhood, how many of their ideals were they able to realise and what has the legacy of these reforms been?
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Enduring legacies: Ernst van Alphen on transgenerational trauma and approaches to the memoralisation of the Holocaust and the Gulag
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We all know about the Holocaust, but how much do we know about the Gulag and how many of us still live with the terror these two human catastrophes engendered. Ernst van Alphen looks at their different histories and the different traumata they caused, tracing the development of these through the victims to their children and grandchildren.
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Remembering the First World War one hundred years on
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The way we perceive our societies is based upon our understanding of their historical evolution, which itself is often a result of narrow national narratives. Professor Winters speaks of the work which a new generation of transnational historians has been undertaking to challenge national dialectics and to create new broader histories of key past events. Watch the recording!