Carme Colomina

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Carme Colomina is an associate researcher at CIDOB [Barcelona Centre for International Affairs]. An information science graduate of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a postgraduate of European Union studies at the UOC [Barcelona Open University], from 1997 to 2001, she was head of international affairs and a correspondent for Catalunya Ràdio in Brussels. While in Brussels, she also worked with various international media forms, including the BBC and Deutsche Welle. She has covered international summits in some 20 countries and reported on the war in Afghanistan in 2001. She has also worked as an adviser on various communication projects in the European and Euro-Mediterranean sphere, and was head of interregional co-operation in the Generalitat’s Department of Foreign Affairs. Carme Colomina teaches about the institutional and political dynamics of the European Union and is a frequent contributor to various media organs in her role as an analyst of European current affairs. She specialises in the European Union and its institutions and external relations.

Valid as of July 2013