Bastiaan Rijpkema

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Bastiaan Rijpkema studied law and philosophy of law in Rotterdam and Leiden and now lectures in the philosophy of law at Leiden University.

His most recent book is Weerbare democratie: de grenzen van democratische tolerantie [Defensive Democracy: the Limits of Democratic Tolerance] (2015), which is adapted from the dissertation for which he obtained his PhD at Leiden University. He is a co-editor of Bij de beesten af! Over dierenrecht en onrecht [Amongst Beasts! About Animal Rights and Injustices] (2013) and was a co-author of Wat te doen met antidemocratische partijen? [What Should We Do with Anti-Democratic Parties?] (2014). Bastiaan has also had smaller articles published in Dutch newspapers such as NRC Handelsblad, de Volkskrant and Trouw.

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