Agnieszka Graff

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Agnieszka Graff is a Polish writer, translator, commentator, feminist and women’s and human rights activist. She is a graduate of Oxford University, Amherst College (Massachusetts, the U.S.A) and the Polish Academy of Sciences‘ School of Social Sciences. She completed her PhD in English literature in 1999 and in 2001 she published Świat bez kobiet. Płeć w polskim życiu publicznym [A World without Women. Gender in Polish Public Life] (W.A.B., Warsaw, 2001), a book that was hugely debated in Poland. She works at the Warsaw University’s Institute of Europe and the Americas and gives lectures on gender studies. Her essays and features have been published in Gazeta Wyborcza (a popular, mass circulation left-leaning newspaper), Literatura na Świecie [World Literature] and Zadra [The Thorn a Polish feminist magazine]. She is also a member of Krytyka Polityczna [Political Critique] and a co-founder of the women’s organisation Porozumienie Kobiet 8 Marca [The Women’s Coalition of the 8th March], with whom she organises the annual Manifa Warsaw women’s march. Additionally, Agnieszka sits on the International Helsinki Federation For Human Rights‘ Precedent Cases Programme’s Programme Board.

Information valid as of winter 2014.