Anna Sosnowska

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Anna Sosnowska is a sociologist at the University of Warsaw’s Centre of American Studies.

Her main research interests include migrations from Eastern Europe and other peripheral world regions to the United States, the social and ethnic history of New York City and Polish economic history and historiography.

Anna is the author of Ciągłość i dwoistość. Migracje z Europy Wschodniej do przemysłowej i poprzemysłowej Ameryki (Continuity and Duality. Migration from Eastern Europe to Industrial and Post-Industrial America, in Kultura i gospodarka, 2010), Poles, Jews and Puerto Ricans. Polish Greenpoint Community Leaders about New York City Ethnic Groups (in Beyond Imagined Uniqueness. Nationalisms in Contemporary Perspectives, 2010); Zrozumieć zacofanie. Spory historyków o Europę Wschodnią,1947-1994 (Understanding Backwardness: Points of Contention in the Histories of Eastern Europe, 2004).

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