House Description Depot engages in questions that have special relevance to the contemporary social sphere. Amongst other areas, Depot discusses matters such as globalisation, migration, postcolonialism, racism, sexism, bio-ethics and new forms of communicational technologies.
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A betrayal of human rights?

A Depot TTT debate

Time to look closer to home? Despite many states having been signatories to the European Convention of Human Rights for more than 60 years, persecution of many different types continues to raise its ugly head in Europe. This debate looks at what role human rights play in our politics and asks how much we can trust our politicians to stand up for these rights.
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Sustainable development goals?

A Depot TTT debate
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On target? As the United Nations moves on from its Millenium Development Goals and looks to the new Sustainable Development Goals programme, Depot asks how much faith we should have in these targets, what the original programme achieved and what we can realistically expect from its successor.
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In plight? Traditional media in the digital age

A Depot TTT debate

How to stop the decline? Depot hosts journalists from diverse media outlets as they speak on the current state of traditional journalistic mediums and on how they themselves seek to deal with a loss of trust and dwindling print runs. A discourse on the dilemmas facing traditional media formats in a digital and commercialised media landscape. Watch the video highlights!


Asylum: is there European solidarity?

A Depot TTT debate
Asylum Debate

Immigration How are we to go about resolving our immigration problems: should there be a centrally organised response with European nations bearing responsibility as corresponding to say their own population mass or must this be arranged an a looser basis? Is there a European solidarity as far as asylum is concerned?
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How non-members see the EU

A Depot TTT debate
How non-members view the EU

EU Expansion What sort of prospects does European Union membership still have to offer, are countries on the European fringe still casting envious glances in our direction or are they starting to look elsewhere? Representatives from Switzerland and Turkey discuss their countries changing attitudes to the EU.
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Occupy in “European”

A Depot TTT debate
occupy auf europäisch 1

Protest In order to keep the memory of political occupations alight, Depot, Vienna, brings us back to Europe and takes a closer look at the European traditions of occupation as a political tool. Examples both past and present are discussed by those with personal experience of what they speak.
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