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Who are “the people”?
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This Battle of Ideas debate looks at the concept of "the people", its relationship to democracy, its Brexit consequences and implications and what is seen by some as its dangerous usurpation by populists. Who are "the people" and why are we hearing so much about them lately?
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The Central European Forum, 2014 – Us and Them
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2014's CEF focussed on the concept of "us and them", on 25 years of post-communism in the former Eastern bloc and on emerging societal divisions. Participants came together to discuss a quarter century of freedom and the challenges our societies have to face as we look to the future.
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25 years after 1989: what has happened to trust in institutions?
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In the third of its cycle of 25th anniversary debates, The Red House looks at the distrust of institutions and figures of authority that is becoming imbedded in Bulgarian society. Looking at how the situation has developed, The Red House finds itself asking how the process of transition has destroyed trust and if it's still possible to achieve change in its absence?
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