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Moral responses to the pandemic, with Susan Neiman & Frank Furedi
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In this Academy of Ideas and Freiblickinstitut debate, Frank Furedi and Susan Neiman take a look at the moral dilemmas emerging from the coronavirus pandemic, discussing its consequences for liberty, democracy and solidarity.
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What is liberalism?
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Liberalism has many faces, but all seem to have come into the firing line of late, why is this and what does it mean to be a liberal in the twenty-first century? Is there a growing disenchantment with economically liberal ideas, with the concept of liberalism itself or are we witnessing infighting within liberalism?
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A time of hope or chaos? An historical evaluation of the events and reforms of the nineties.
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How do you remember the 90s? In Russia it was a time of turmoil, a time of opportunties and uncertainty. The Sakharov Centre looks back at the decade, which formed the post-communist state and analyse its considerable legacy.
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