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Eelco Bosch van Rosenthal

Understanding the populist turn: 10 lessons on populism
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With a cast of activists, researchers and academics, this debate focuses on the ways in which people have taken decisive action against populism, looking at cases in Hungary and Switzerland and discussing proposals for building successful opposition & alternatives to populist movements.
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Understanding the populist turn: populism, an east-west divide?
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Ulrike Guérot, Jan-Werner Müller & Sławomir Sierakowski discuss populism's continued rise. This debate focuses on Europe's so-called east-west divide, analysing the different forms that populism takes throughout the continent and the socio-political factors behind such.
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Erdoğan – the new father of Turkey?
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De Balie look at Erdoğan's rise to power and discuss Turkey's future under his leadership after a year full of turmoil. In the midst of regional conflict, is Turkey now on its way to becoming a dictatorship or is Erdoğan the new father of the people and a figure of stability in troubled times?
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