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Vienna Humanities Festival 2022: The Age of Uncertainty
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How are the war in Ukraine, rising inflation and the impact of two years living under a pandemic changing life in Europe? This fifth edition of the Vienna Humanities Festival discusses the uncertainty of life in modern day Europe during four days of discussion & debate.
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The virtues of dissent
326 326 Time To Talk
Philippe Narval speaks to Heide Schmidt about her journey from the FPÖ to the NEOS, about how to define populism and what we can and should do to counteract its more negative manifestations.
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It will get worse
150 150 Time To Talk
Kultura Liberalna asked how to tackle youth unemployment and resolve the crisis of trust in our labour markets. With high profile speakers, including Peter Szumlewicz and Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, this debate sought to analyse where the problems really lie in today's economic malaise and how these can be overcome to provide us all with a brighter future.
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The Eurozone crisis – a Keynesian response
326 326 Time To Talk
Krytyka Polityczna invited Warwick Professor, Robert Skidelsky, to apply his knowledge - built on a specialisation in Keynesian economics - to the present problems within the Eurozone and to propose solutions to our growth crises and the rising debt mountain.
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