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David Goodhart

Dilemmas of post-liberalism
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To what extent do those lamenting the current state of liberal democracy themselves bear responsibility for its downfall? Ivan Krastev & Christian Ultsch talk to David Goodhart about societal division and his own ideological journey from Etonian Marxist to a leading critic of modern liberal society.
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Is there a culture war against populism?
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What are populists and why do some populists get tarred with the populist brush while others receive a more enthusiastic reception? Are populist movements morbid symptoms of a dying political order or the first signs of a democratic renewal? And, should we celebrate rather than criticise their efforts to overturn our top-down systems?
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Is there a culture war on populism?
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Join Frank Furedi (Sociologist, Social Commentator & Author), David Goodhart (Journalist, Author & Head of Demography at Policy Exchange) and Elif Shafak (Political Commentator & award-winning Novelist) for a debate on what populism is and why some populisms are more equal than others. Should we understand the rise of populism as a challenge to our elites’ top-down values or a…