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Power & Powerlessness, Vienna Humanities Festival 2018
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The Vienna Humanities Festival returns to look at the dynamics of power and powerlessness in 39 discussions with renowned speakers, five screenings of related classic & contemporary films and a performance of Vyrypaev's The Iran Conference.
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Is Europe taking a right turn?
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Lately, every new election seems to bring a "shock" result for the right, with parties with views commonly considered to be extreme becoming real political competitors from France to Poland and from Sweden to Italy. This TTT debate with Chantal Mouffe, Gilles Kepel and Phillip Blom asks what is behind this apparent move to the right and whether we should be concerned.
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For a left populism – Vienna Humanities Festival 2018
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In conversation with the Austrian journalist Robert Misik, Chantal Mouffe expounds upon the position set out in her recent book, For a Left Populism, arguing for the need for a left populism to counter its right-wing equivalent.