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Brendan O’Neill

Extinction or progress? Visions of the future
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This Battle of Ideas debate looks at peoples concerns about the future, be they economical or ecological, asking where our faith in progress has gone and what the pessimistic mood at large tells us about our society and self-confidence.
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Will the EU be the death of democracy?
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With the bureaucratic dominance of EU institutions and during the appointment of a rash of technocrats throughout Europe, the question is being asked, is the EU model potentially a precursor to the death of European democracy? The Academy of Ideas contemplates how this can be resolved going forward.
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Who are we? Identity politics dissected
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On Sunday the 23rd October, the Institute of Ideas and the Times Higher Education held a debate on identity, looking what role the categorisation of people plays in self-identification, society and debate. Topic / Speakers / Battle of Ideas 2016 About the debate: Over recent decades, identity politics has become ubiquitous. The content of what one says, the convictions one articulates,…