Coolpolitics aims to create innovative projects for the stimulation of new forms of citizenship. Coolpolitics’ mission is to create a global civil society for youth participants and its projects therefore look to promote the involvement of young people, to spread information and to inspire the younger generation to become positive influences within society. Coolpolitics stresses the importance of everyone having the opportunity to take part in social debates and all of the decision-making processes that determine people’s lives, society and our common futures. Coolpolitics encourages its participants to take part in their own manner, actively and as equals.

Coolpolitics creatively fuses youth culture, art and science into authentic projects designed to appeal to younger members of society. Coolpolitics distinguishes amongst politically active societies by engaging with young people at venues and locations where they are already active. As such, Coolpolitics cooperates with experienced national and international partners, such as MTV, Boomerang, ID & T, Mojo Concerts (Live Nation), OMA/AMO, 3FM, Spits and NRC Next.

One of the best examples of the work that Coolpolitics carries out is the series of academic lectures and political debates, which take place at Lowlands University, the biggest pop festival in the Netherlands.

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