Ukraine three days before the presidential elections: a divided and tested country

At 17:00 on Thursday 22nd May, the Bratislava Institute of Humanism [BIH] and the Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts [BISLA] presented Ukraine three days before the presidential elections: a divided and tested country.

This debate was in Slovakian and took place at the BISLA premises, in the Johnson Room of 53 Grösslingová.

The BIH/BISLA debate about the events in Ukraine was intended to provoke thought among the students present. BISLA is a liberal arts college, which likes to exposes its students to alternative views and therefore the college selected speakers whose opinions were likely to lead to a passionate debate. František Novosád approached the topic from a position that is critical of the Euromaidan and of the governent that has replaced Yanukovych. Alexander Duleba meanwhile countered his arguments, with information acquired in his work as a researcher of Eastern European policy at the Slovak Foreign Policy Association. Fedor Blaščák and Samuel Abraham also took part in the debate and shared their experiences of having recently been in the Ukraine to attend the international conference Ukraine: Thinking Together.



Samuel Abrahám, was educated as a political scientist and political philosopher at the University of Toronto and Carleton University in Canada. He is currently the publisher and editor-in-chief of Kritika & Kontext (Bratislava) and founder of the educational institution Society for Higher Learning based in Bratislava. He is also a representative of the Foundation Project on Ethnic Relations, based in Princeton, specialising in inter-ethnic conflicts in Slovakia. He regularly publishes in Slovak and Czech dailies and international journals. Samuel Abrahám is also member of the Eurozine advisory board.


Alexander Duleba, senior researcher and director of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association, specialising in matters of international relations in Eastern Europe.

Fedor Blaščák is a philosopher and critic, curator, editor and activist. The author and co-author of multiple publications, he is currently working with Trend Holding on the Myslím ekonomicky project. Together with Marek Adam and Martin Jančok he also worked on the transformation of the new synagogue in Žilina for the  local art gallery – the Žilina Kunsthalle.

František Novosád, is a professor of the history of philosophy at the Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts [BISLA]. He specialises in German philosophy of the nineteenth and twentieth century. He is the author of monographs on Austromarxism, Martin Heidegger and Max Weber.