Re: Creating Europe


From the 1st to the 3rd June 2016, artists and thinkers from all over Europe came together in Amsterdam for Re:Creating Europe, the first edition of the Forum on European Culture.

The Forum featured a wide variety of events, which you can find out more aboutat below. Amongst exhibitions and film screenings, Re: Creating Europe played host to numerous debates. Some of these debates were live streamed and you will soon be able to find recordings of all of the live streams on De Balie TV. Debates which were live streamed are annotated with (live!) in our programme.

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Image courtesy of Jörg Brüggemann / OSTKREUZ

About Re: Creating Europe:

From the 1st to the 3rd June 2016, artists and thinkers from all over Europe cametogether at diverse locations in Amsterdam for the first Forum on European Culture. This first installment of the Forum, an initiative of DutchCulture and De Balie, went under the title of Re:Creating Europe and focused on the strength, impact and value of art and culture for Europe.

The diversity of Re:Creating Europe can be seen by a glance at some of its first events. The Forum began with an evening of performance, presenting visions which have shaped Europe, and ended with a round up of all that had happened in the preceding 72 hours, in a session which looked to set the basis for recreating Europe in the coming years and Forums. However, the Forum was much more than just its beginning and end and throughout the course of its three days, visitors were able to enjoy various events, such as a theatrical journey through the life of Hungarian author György Konrád, an exploration of the border between politics and performance with Belgian political philosopher Chantal Mouffe, a screening of Ulrich Seidl’s Import/Export, which culminated in a discussion with the director, and the presentation of the Re:Thinking Europe anthology; a document produced specially for the Forum and which explores European culture and identity from a contemporary perspective.

Amongst the Forum’s participating guests were Rem Koolhaas (Architect), Céline Sciamma (Film Director, France), Johan Simons (Theatre Director, the Netherlands), Philipp Blom (Historian, Germany), Arnon Grunberg (Writer, Netherlands), Chantal Mouffe (Political Philosopher, Belgium), Milo Rau (Theatre Director, Switzerland), Julia Kristeva (Philosopher, Bulgaria), György Konrád (Writer, Hungary), Laurent Binet (Writer, France), Luc Tuymans (Artist, Belgium), and many others. For a complete list of participants, visit the Forum’s own participants page.

The host organisations:

About De Balie
De Balie is a well-known platform and a centre for freedom of speech, contemporary art, politics, culture, cinema and media. Situated near to the Leidseplein square in the heart of Amsterdam, De Balie’s [daily] programmes have a consistently analytical character. Through talkshows, cinema, art, debates and theatre, De Balie mixes several points of view in an unpredictable and creative fashion.

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About DutchCulture
DutchCulture is a strategic advice agency for international cultural cooperation, which creates activities worldwide. DutchCulture works with – and for – the cultural sector, the government and diplomatic networks both in the Netherlands and abroad. DutchCulture has been commissioned by the European Commission and by the Dutch Ministries of Education, Culture and Science and of Foreign Affairs.

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Some of the forum’s debates were live streamed and these live streams will soon be available as recordings on De Balie TV. These live streams are annotated with (live!) in the programme, where you will also find links to extended information on the debates.


Discussions and Performances

(live streamed events are annotated with (live!))