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Dilemmas of post-liberalism

Live from 18:00 CET on the 8th May

With David Goodhart, Ivan Krastev & Christian Ultsch
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The Kyiv International – ‘68 NOW – Kyiv, 11-25/05/18

The team at Kyiv's VCRC organises its second Kyiv International, inviting an international cast of speakers and artists to look at the legacy of 1968 and how the emancipatory potential of the idea of the international can be mobilised against new conflicts and constructs designed to divide us.
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Populism, an east-west divide? – Guérot, Müller & Sierakowski - Amsterdam, 02/06/18

What is behind populism's continued rise? As the first of two discussions, this debate pays particular attention to Europe's so-called east-west divide, analysing the different forms that populism takes throughout the continent and the socio-political factors which contribute to such.
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10 lessons on populism – Chwalisz, Gulyás, Kleiner, Müller & Scheffer - Amsterdam, 02/06/18

With a cast of activists, researchers and academics, this debate will focus on ways in which people have taken decisive action against populism, looking at cases in Hungary and Switzerland and discussing proposals for building successful opposition & alternatives to populist movements.
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