The secure & the dispossessed: how the military and corporations are shaping a climate changed world

A Red Pepper/Free Word/Transnational Institute affiliate debate

Survival of the richest? As climate change starts to affect the way we live, we're all starting to think about to adapt to the changing circumstances. However, a new book suggests that our military and corporate elites are a step ahead and are already planning how to secure their futures in ways that will impact upon as all.
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CEF 2015: the recordings

A Project Forum TTT event

The following page provides access to recordings from all of the main debates at the seventh annual Central European Forum in November 2015.
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The CEF 2015. Everyone is lying

A Project Forum TTT event

Sowing the seeds of confusion The Central European Forum is back in its seventh installment and in 2015 the speakers are looking at disinformation and the way that it's seeming infiltration of reporting is affecting the way we perceive the world around us. A weekend looking at propaganda, memory, media manipulation, Russia and the West.
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Futures: poetry of the Greek crisis

A Free Word and Penned in the Margins affiliate event

Forged in the fires of discontent Free Word and Penned in the Margins show us the Greek crisis from another perspective, introducing us to the voices of a new generation of Greek poets, whose talents have developed and been inspired by the turbulent events around them. Listen to the recording!


Should euthanasia be legalised?

A Freiblickinstitut affiliate debate

Mercy or murder? In Germany, the Bundestag is looking into a reform of the legislation on euthanasia, leading to a heated debate on the pros and cons of assisted suicide. Should we have the right to determine when we want to die or are there too many circumstances in which any law allowing assisted suicide could be exploited to harm the vulnerable and the ill? Listen to the recording!