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April 2015

On politically engaged art
326 326 Time To Talk
In this Poland for Beginners discussion, Igor Stokfiszewski looked at politically engaged art and the impact it can have on the political realities we live with. With particular reference to the Polish artists of the transition, Igor introduced us to both modern political art per se and the specific Polish take on such.
Watch the recording!
Remembering the First World War one hundred years on
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The way we perceive our societies is based upon our understanding of their historical evolution, which itself is often a result of narrow national narratives. Professor Winters speaks of the work which a new generation of transnational historians has been undertaking to challenge national dialectics and to create new broader histories of key past events. Watch the recording!
Does migration intensify distrust in institutions?
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How do migration and institutional mistrust relate to one another? As we see a new wave of populism feed on and promote fears of migration, then grow large on the backs of the distrust it has sewn, The Red House looks to untangle the many woven threads linking populism, migration and institutional mistrust. Watch the video highlights!